This videos explains how to setup drive and motor hardware connections and finding the relevant parameters.

This video explains EMI reduction and proper installation techniques.

This video explains configuration and setup of drive , motor , position feedback , I/O and other system parameters.

This video explains how to tune drive control loops and commutation.

This video explains how to find motor reference position (homing) based on reference marks like encoder index, home switch or limit switch.   

This video explains how to record in real time drive internal variables , such as actual position, speed , currents and etc..

In this video, we give an overview on IDE+, our PCSuite programming environment.

In this video, we explain how to write host application example using high level AACOM API in .NET environment. 

Visual Studio solution source code

User Program sine motion  task

In this video we'll show how to use the CNC feature in PCSuite.

CNC Motion Mode


In this video we compare between PID and PIV controller schemes and tune a PIV controller in the frequency domain.

In this video we go over our position Lock & Event (Aka Capture and compare) features