PCSuite News



New feature

  • Suggest Global Vars on "tab" and on controller errors

  • Support for recognition of User Program defined Global Variables and Task names


New feature

  • G code converter: add support for Arc (G2/G3) defined by Radius

  • Motion/CNC: Support "True Jerk" in "Vector Parameter" segment

  • CNC: support up to 5 axes in selected segments


New feature

  • Allow using #define for Task/Func/#definevar 'allocation' and 'array' parameters

  • User Program Running/Fault notification icon at 'Statuses' and Motion/Multi tool


New feature

  • UPM: support linear motors

  • Force: 'Slow Approach Before Contact' tab

  • UPM "Disturbance Rejection" mode


New feature

  • Lock: special 'Main Position Lock source' for MASTER products

  • Error mapping MapType status at Statuses, Fdbk/Config, Motion/Multi


New feature

  • New homing steps (FW >=


New feature

  • FPGA download support

  • Currents verification at FW DL


New feature

  • Handle Windows resolution/scaling/DPI/multi-monitor issues

  • Use "Bulk" for most PCSuite communication traffic (Ethernet only)

  • Autoconnect and Discover Connections: warning and info texts + protections 'default port' setup at Manage/Pref

  • Faulty FPGA recognition and warning messages

  • Improved Simulation/Homing/Tracking notification at 'Statuses' and Motion/Multi

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