AGA10x Series (DC Powered Amplifiers)

The AGA10x series is family of Central-i remote power amplifiers.

AGA amplifiers are controlled by AGM series Central-i master, which gets encoder reading and current samples from each amplifier, performs control loops calculation and generate PWM commands to each amplifier. Fast Central-i fieldbus is used to communicate between AGA amplifiers and AGM master, that allows 16kHz sample rate motion profiler and all servo loops. Amplifiers are powered by 12-90V DC power supply. To support remote operation and minimize cables length from the actuator, each remote amplifier is equipped with variety of digital and analog I/Os. The isolated digital outputs are capable of sourcing up to 300mA or sinking up 500mA. This is sufficient to drive most external devices, end effectors, etc., hence, eliminated the need to have an external relay circuit. The compact form factor of the DC amplifiers is ideal for them to be mounted close to the actuator, such as the link in an articulated robot arm.

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Models Specification

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