Agito PCSuite

Agito PCSuite is a free Windows TM based software and development  environment to configure, tune and operate of all agito controllers and master units. The PC Suite provides configuration wizard, time domain tuning and analysis, frequency domain identification and design, auto tuning and easy to use GUI for all the features of agito controllers.

​Configuration wizard
Error Mapping 1D, 2D and 3D
Real time data recording
Bode, Nichols

Auto Tune


Frequency Domain Analysis

System model and simulation​

User program / debugger
Machine health
Motion modes

PC Suite SW
AACOM Library

The PC Suite provides large variety of tools, each optimally designed for a specific task, combined with a wide range of flexible floating tools, such as: Motions, Inputs, Outputs, Statuses, Terminal, Data Recording and more.


To complete this wide set of tools, the user can even create his own floating tools, for statuses, parameters and many other user interface objects.


Navigation between the various tools is made easy by an icons based menu, together with variety of shortcuts and ability to one click access to recent and favorite tools.


The lists below are partial and presents only the main features of the PC Suite. Write us to request a meeting for a short demo.

Communication and Library

  • Agito PC Suite is provided with a low-level and high-level communication library for users who needs to develop their Application software.

  • The PC Suite (and its library) supports: Ethernet, CAN Bus, RS-232, USB and RS-485.

  • Auto detection of connected controllers and fast auto-connection.

Configuration Tools

  • Wizard for easy configuration.

  • Access to any configuration parameter by groups (system, motor, feedback...).

Frequency domain tuning

Time domain tuning

  • Current control, PIV and advanced filters.

  • Commutation.

  • Gantry.

  • Input shaping.

  • Auto detection and compensation for inertia changes.

  • All with features-rich scientific graphic display of recorded data, with automatic setup per tool, auto-measurements and many more features...


  • Specific tool per each motion mode, to provide easy interface, even for complex motion modes as ECAM.

  • Point to Point.

  • Jogging.

  • Multiple axes PTP/Jog.

  • Gearing (direct and indirect).

  • ECAM (including tool for ECAM graph creation, using spline).

  • Joystick, position and velocity, direct and indirect.

  • Pulse/Direction, direct and indirect.

  • FIFO.

  • CNC, including vector motions and blending.

  • Identification (quick for novice users, comprehensive for experts).

  • Automatic frequency and amplitude of injection signals at each frequency, for extremely accurate identification.

  • Auto design of PIV and advanced filters.

  • Bode and Nichols charts.

  • Auto design for experts, ability to shape the closed loop using multiple requirements (open loop, closed loop and torque ripple rejection).

  • Auto analysis of the designed controller performances (PM, GM, Peak gain, crossing frequency, BW, ...).

  • Comparison between up to 6 different control parameters.

  • Easy design for gain scheduling parameters.

  • Building mathematical model of the system and simulations! 

Additional tools

  • User program development and execution.

  • Error mapping: 1D, 2D and soon also 3D.

  • Position events (trigger programmable output at high accuracy, based on position).

  • Position Lock (capture position accurately at the time of an input).

  • Homing: easily building complex Homing scenarios or to load predefined scenarios.

  • I/O setup (special function, logic, sink/source...) and monitoring.

  • Automatic performance measurement for PTP motions, over programmable set of locations and motions.

  • Programmable User Panels for unlimited flexible extensions of the PC Suite GUI for any need.

  • Floating terminal (with programmable shortcuts).

  • G-code Support

  • Floating statuses, motions, data recording and much more...

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